Purpose Statement

We will consistently be an exceptional provider of educational excellence and enrichment opportunities.

Our purpose

We believe in nurturing, inspiring and encouraging the growth of all the children at Greysbrooke School, to give them the best possible start in life and optimise their individual capabilities.

Our promise

Our promise is to NURTURE our children to ensure they feel safe, secure and comfortable, by creating a happy environment in which they want to learn and succeed. We will always strive to deliver the very best in education, extra curricular opportunities and social grounding.

Our principles

We will do all we can to INSPIRE our children to learn, to grow and to try new things by promoting:

  • constant innovation – we’re in touch with the best new ideas and solutions to help improve opportunities available to our children
  • teaching excellence – ALL our teaching is of the highest quality and provides all our children with a first-class learning experience
  • effective leadership – our strong leadership team and support network, including governance, means that decisions are made quickly and effectively, with the best interests of the children at the heart of every decision
  • positive partnerships with parents – we recognise that when parents/carers and schools work together well, children do better
  • sound investment – we will continually invest in developing our staff, resources and facilities to fulfil our promise
  • integrity – we can be trusted to run our school in a moral and ethical manner

We will value all members of the staff and school community, as well as our external partners, and the impact they have in realising our vision

Our ambition

Greysbrooke children will  GROW in confidence, maturity, intellectual ability, social awareness and independence, leaving us as balanced, motivated, moral young citizens who are very well prepared for the next stage in their education.