The School Day

The school doors open at 8.45am – children will enter through their year group door, where an adult will be.

You will not be able to go into the classroom with your child. The bell goes at 8.55am and doors are closed promptly to ensure learning can begin as soon as possible. Be on time by five to nine!

Mr Storer and Mrs Hibberd are normally on the playground in the morning to greet you – they’ll always give you a smile and cheery “Good Morning”.

In KS2 (Years 3-6), you will need to leave your child on the KS1 playground. They walk around the back of the building to the KS2 door where they are greeted by their class teachers.

All children finish at 3.10pm each day and come out onto the KS1 playground.

A typical day at Greysbrooke


8.45am Children are able to enter school
(early morning activities are in place for children)

8.55am Register

9.00am – 10.10am Session 1

10.10am – 10.25am Morning Playtime

10.25am – 10.40am Assembly

10.40am – 11.55am Session 2


12.05pm – 12.55pm KS2 Lunchtime

11.55am – 12.55pm KS1 Lunchtime

12.55pm – 2.00pm Session 3

1.50pm – 2.00pm KS1 Playtime
(KS2 do not have an afternoon playtime)

2.00pm – 3.10pm Session 4

3.10pm End of the day