Headteacher’s Welcome

Message from Headteacher, Ellie Ballinger

Ellie Ballinger

It is with immense pride that I introduce myself as the Headteacher of Greysbrooke Primary School.

I strongly believe that children should feel happy, included, inspired, safe and supported when they are learning and I expect high standards of behaviour from all pupils. I am excited to be leading the Greysbrooke team to ‘nurture, inspire and grow’ every child so that they are exposed to opportunities which equip them with lifelong skills, confidence and a thirst for learning which encourages them to be aspirational and ambitious for the future.

We have a talented and dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants and staff who are incredibly caring and provide exciting learning opportunities for our children which exploits the use of transferable Maths, English and Computing skills. Pupils are challenged, encouraged to become independent and provided with a range of real life experiences which makes their learning meaningful and memorable.

It is crucial to involve the children and their families as partners in their education and we have a strong whole school community which thrives on mutual respect and values positive relationships.

I hope you find the visit to our website useful and that it gives you a flavour of what we do and stand for at Greysbrooke Primary School. If you require any further information, or wish to book a visit to view the school, please contact the office on: 01543 480321.

Ellie Ballinger